Inked Souls Video by PaperMonster

August 13, 2008
Inked Souls was a fantastic show which was put together by ArtWhino Gallery and TAGUR Footwear. PaperMonster put a wonderful video of the event and it has had some great success. You can check out the post on MODART Magazine and catch the video on Current.com Also, I had the honor of meeting some very talented people during the opening including Treadmilin from (http://treadmillin.com/blog/) and he did a great post on the sneakers I wore for the opening. They were Nike Dunk Mid Peacocks and they only come out of the box for special events.
Check out some photos and links below. Also be sure to check out:
for more coverage on the highly anticipated I am 8-bit show.



PaperMonster sporting Nike Dunk Mids (Peacock)

-Paper Monster

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