PaperMonster’s Brooklyn Adventure

July 28, 2008
I took some time this weekend to go on a nice adventure in Brooklyn. It was a great chance to leave some free street art pieces around for people to take if they came across them. It is the beginning of what I hope to be an ongoing project of installed art both permanent and temporary. If you would like to take one of the PaperMonster pieces home you can go in search of them on (Bedford/5thSt, Bowery/Broome, and Spring/Bowery) Check out some pics from the weekend below. Enjoy!!

PaperMonster sticker next to Stickman!!

Bowery/Broome wood pieceBedford/5th St PaperMonster piece next to Faile. I love their work.
Spring/Bowery wood piece. Remember to register to VOTE!!



  1. I actually found that piece at Bedford & 5th — photographed it, but didn’t take it. (Maybe I should have?? :) )

    Found lots of your stickers, too. Great stuff, as usual.

  2. Thanks so much Steve!! I would have been honored if you had taken that Bedford piece home with you.

  3. great work

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