BOWL-A-RAMA 2 show for CryBaby Art Gallery feat PaperMonster Sept 27th

July 14, 2008
There are many great shows in the upcoming months of Aug, Sept, and Oct which will feature work from PaperMonster and added to the incredible lineup of shows is Bowl-A-Rama II which is being put together by CryBaby Art Gallery and Kirsten Easthope. It is scheduled to be a huge show with incredible artist who will each customize bowling pins which will go up on display with the surrounding art. I had the honor of visiting the lanes and was impressed by the layout and degree/range of art that is up for show/sale. If you are interested in viewing pieces from the first show you can catch images here (www.asburylanes.com/galleries/Pins2/index.html) Stay posted for more sneak previews of the progress of the pins. Also, check back in later this week for the release of the PaperMonster custom shoes for the ArtWhino x TAGUR show on August 2nd. Enjoy.
September 27, 2008 at
Asbury Lanes, in Asbury Park, NJ

They look like this now but wait until some stencils hit this surface.
Preview of a stencil/canvas pieces which are in the works and will be up for my solo show for Metropolis Gallery.
(Click on Images to view larger)

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