DirtyPilot.com GroupShow feat. PaperMonster and New Sticker Release!!

July 11, 2008
PaperMonster has just put together a new sticker based off the stencil art piece “First Date” which will be show during the Melbourne Stencil Festival starting August 1-10th. It is going to be a huge festival and the art should be mind blowing. Also, I received come amazing information on the group show coming up for Dirty Pilot.com (www.dirtypilot.com) titled “See you in September” from July 16- September 16 including artist such as: Albert reyes, Matt Furie
Aiyana Udesen, Chris Stain, Cycle, DAZE, Kime Buzzelli, Ewok 5MH, Michael Krueger, Daniel Johnston, PaperMonster, Gerald Lopez, Mark Todd, Jason Chase
Also, in conjunction with the Hobbs Gallery
Judith Supine, Andrew Schoultz, William Buzzel, and more…
If you as me that list of artist sounds magical!!! Looks to be a monumental show for DirtyPilot.com Check out the banner below:::

(keep your eyes open for PaperMonster stickers in your city!!)

Incredible list of artist coming up for the next Dirty Pilot show.



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