Stencil Nation Book (Out Now !!!) Incredible

June 13, 2008
Two beautiful packages came in the mail yesterday. One, the highly anticipated Stencil Nation Book by Russell Howze (www.stencilnation.org.) The second package involves a very exciting show coming up fro Art Whino in a couple of months. You can catch a hint towards the end of the post. Now back to talking about Stencil Nation!!
The book is purely and simply one word: PHENOMENAL
It truly captures the roots as well as present/future state of stencil art. In it you will find photos and commentary covering topics/artist throughout the world. The book covers it all from the most simple yet powerful stencils from people just inspired to leave a message, to the most dedicate artists in the world exploring the possibilities of beauty behind stencil art. There is a remarkable Chronology of stencil art history as well as a section purely dedicated to shedding light into the best tips for any artist who is looking to explore and have a hands-on approach to stencil art. I highly suggest you pick up a copy. Bookstores in NYC have already sold out of the book (I have the best sources aka Ren.) Make sure to visit www.stencilnation.org and pick up a copy or visit your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, take a piece of paper and write the name as big as possible for them so they can order it!! A huge thanks to Russell Howze for truly putting a incredible piece of art together. Thank you. Check out some of the appearances by PaperMonster in the book below. Amazing!!

Fantastic cover and great size. There is a slight hint of an upcoming sticker design. What could it be?
This is in the stencil cut-outs section. Fantastic.

Stenciling tips by PaperMonster and several other artist.

TAGUR??? What could this new project be about??? Stay posted!!

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