CryBaby Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) GroupShow feat. PaperMonster

June 8, 2008
This past weekend marked an incredible event known as the Tri-City Arts Tour/Festival in NJ bringing together Red Bank, Long Branch, and Asbury Park. CryBaby Art Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) put together two incredible shows: one solo show by Bethany Marchman and the other a group show featuring PaperMonster, Pilar Alvarez, Shaunna Peterson, KuKula, Kelly Haigh, and Carrie Ann Bade.
Both the show and festival were incredible. I have never seen such a large amount of flow into a gallery from all ages and see so many people with such a true love for the art. The streets were filled with people sharing art and there was everything you could imagine. It was truly a visual grenade for your eyes. Check out some of the pics from the show below and thank you to everyone who came out. I have never handed out so many PaperMonster stickers ever!! It was incredible!! Thanks to everyone again and thanks to CJ, Jenn, and everyone at CryBaby Gallery for an incredible time!!
Here are some pics::::::::

Check out more info on the gallery here: http://crybabyartgallery.com/events.php

Amazing crowd and it was great to hand out tons of free stickers!!!
CJ chatting it up in front of KuKula’s work!!

Pieces on display from PaperMonster

Chatting it up on some future collabs.
PaperMonster piece on plexi which received an incredible review from a very drunk man. Amazing!!
KuKula (http://www.kukulaland.com/)

Kelly Haigh (http://www.kellyhaigh.com/)

Pilar Alvarez (http://www.planetpili.com/)

More Pilar!!
Solo Show: Bethany Marchman (http://www.bethanymarchman.com/)

Carrie Ann Bade (http://www.carrieannbaade.com/)

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

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