International Poster Art Show (Roma, Italy) feat. PaperMonster

May 24, 2008
PaperMonster is going international!! The International Poster Art event took place last Friday in Roma in which several artists, including PaperMonster displayed several pasted posters. This is the event’s third edition and it was an incredible showcase of talent. The show will take place from:
16 May- 16 June 2008
Atelier Occupato Esc
Via dei Reti 15 – Roma
Make sure to check it out. It is truly a show not to be missed!!!
You can catch more information here:

The space looks incredible. There are some incredible artists in this show and you must check it out if you are in ROMA!!

PaperMonster poster of my stencil Fury!!

PaperMonster poster of my good friend the General!!

Thanks to Smeech’s for the beautiful pictures he took of the event!! Check them out:

Gigantic space!!

Thanks to valerio83roma for the pictures. Find more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spud111/2497562102/

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