Electric Windows (NY) May 17th!!

May 18, 2008

The Dirty Pilot.com (dirtypilot.com) website is looking fantastic as it introduces PaperMonster and new original works for sale. Fantastic!! This past weekend I had the great honor of helping out with the festivities and the incredible event titled Electric Windows which took place in Beacon, NY and was organized by Open Space. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and it was great to meet so many talented artist and just participate in the set-up and be part of such a fantastic event. Check out the pictures below to view how the day turned out. Enjoy!!
Thanks to Ren for the Photos!!
For more check out the Flickr Set:

DirtyPilot.com’s homepage is looking pretty nice!!

Setting things up for the event!

Some of the pre-made pieces went up the day before.
Cycle at work!!

Ren making some trash signs for the event!! With Stencils!!! Love Ren!Helping Ren out with some of the signs.
Everything was set up and ready to go.
Daryll Peirce is an incredible artist: Google that man.
Mr. Kiji with the best beard ever.

Handed out a ton of PaperMonster stickers.The crowd was great. The event really brought out a nice mix of people of all ages.
ELBOW-TOE: The final piece turned out great.
Jim Darling painting a beautiful piece.
Tina doing fantastic work.

Peripheral Media Projects!!RENE came in and went to town right away.
Ripo is truly a perfectionist. The piece is so simple yet so powerful. Loved to finally meet him.

More Info Via Juxtapoz.com
This Saturday, May 17th, 24 street artists will descend upon a 19th Century Beacon, NY factory building to install their artwork on its exterior. This project, called Electric Windows, draws its name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount Beacon that will act as the backdrop for the event.
Literally turning the idea of a gallery inside out, Electric Windows will house 24 pieces approximately 8ā€™ x 12ā€™, on the large industrial windows of the factory for 12 months!
Electric Windows will feature work from 24 different artists, including: Above, Cycle, Daryll Peirce, Lady Pink, Peat Wollaeger, Ripo, Ron English, The Love Movement, Tes One, Ultra, and UPSO, among others. See the full line-up and get more info at www.electricwindowsbeacon.com.

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