Book: Stencil Nation!! feat. PaperMonster

April 25, 2008
Hello Everyone!!
This is an incredible post on a ton of different projects that are coming together and you should definitely check out. First my skate deck design for ADM Skateboards (http://www.myspace.com/admskateboards or http://www.admskateboards.com/ ) is in full production and I will be letting you see how it looks along with the rest of the new line from ADM Skateboards. I received a sneak peek and the deck looks phenomenal. Extremely excited!!

Click to Purchase!!!
The book is by Russell Howze and you can catch the book’s site here:
The layout of the website is incredible and you can only expect even more amazing things from the book. You can purchase it through the site but if you do not like flash you can visit: http://happyfeettravels.org/index.php/stencil-nation-book/
The book holds work from a huge list of incredibly talented artist. You can purchase the book through either site or check it out in your local bookstore.
I have plans to do several window displays for the book working with Graffiti Comix (Belleville, NJ) once the book is officially release in June!!!

This is the storefront of Graffiti Comix!! I will be working on the right side. It is going to look great. Stay posted for more information. I will post a nice tiny preview of things I have been working on for my solo shows by this weekend. Enjoy. -PaperMonster

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