“Draw” Group Show at Stolen Space Gallery (London) feat PaperMonster

February 29, 2008
———————————————————I headed over to Fuse Gallery(NYC) to drop off a drawing for a curated show by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey that will be traveling to Stolen Space Gallery (London.) The show is going to be purely amazing with over 300 artist pieces on display. You can find info on the artist by visiting: (http://www.fusegallerynyc.com/DrawTour/tour.html) The artist involved are from all over the world and all walk of life from musicians to fine art artist. Here is the info I have so far.
London @ Stolen Space Gallery- March 7th – March 30th
For the Press Release:
Visit: http://www.stolenspace.com/section.php?xSec=174
Here are pictures of my trip:
(click on images to view larger)
Dropped of this drawing which will travel along with the show.
Drawing up for sale by PaperMonster titled “I Want Him”

Fuse Gallery is an incredible galley. Check them over at : http://www.fusegallerynyc.com/home.html
Had a great opportunity to put some stickers up. It was so cold outside.
New sticker designs are coming soon. Pure Fire!!!

As they stay outside the sticker changes color. They look wild.
I will have more images and info on the show next week. Enjoy.

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