ARTERI Issue# 5 feat. PaperMonster

February 12, 2008

ARTERI Magazine (Link) just released their 5th issue celebrating their 1st anniversary and it is truly fantastic. The magazine is inspirational with a huge range of artist being featured providing content including; paintings, installations, poetry, short stories, and the list goes on. You name it, its there!! Give them a long peek over at http://www.accessarts.com.cy/
They have events and a ton of other amazing projects going on. They work incredibly hard and it shows. Thanks again to Nema.

To view the online pdf of the magazine you can visit here: http://www.accessarts.com.cy/eARTERI_5.pdf

ARTERI ISSUE 5: coverContents page feat work from PaperMonster
The layout of the magazine is fantastic.
Two page profile on PaperMonster.
For more incredible artist check out: http://www.accessarts.com.cy/eARTERI_5.pdf

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