Art Whino Gallery Opening!! Images and Video

January 20, 2008

I recently had a gallery opening for a group show at Art Whino (artwhino.com) in Alexandria, Va over the weekend. It was amazing. I was able to meet a ton of great people and I was extremely surprised at the ridiculous turn out of people. The actual gallery itself is massive with at everywhere from the hallways to the bathrooms. It is very impressive and so professional. The staff at Art Whino and the owners have done a great job and have brought an incredible art scene to that area. I gave out PaperMonster stickers the entire night and everyone had a great time. The gallery even had a live painting session feat J. Coleman. The solo show room was also massive. As you can see above, there is a video of the opening that I put together from the group show. I didn’t have a chance to get footage of all the artist in the show but it gives you a good taste of what to expect. Be sure to check out the show if your are in the area or view images of works in the show at artwhino.com. Thank you to everyone who can and showed some love, and stay posted for news on upcoming projects and shows!!!

Art Whino banners everywhere!! They run the city!!These were the paintings from PaperMonster that were in the show.

It was really nice to see a good number of people excited about all of the forms of art on display.

Had a great chat with Gabriel Pons from (ponshoptstudio.com)
Adam Russell was in the house with his family. Very talented. Find him at (myspace.com/sage_lion)

I met JAZI for the first time. He has an incredible personality and his range of work is sick!! Catch him at (jazirock.com)

When you get that Art Whino name tag..BAMN you are Official. PaperMonster

A shot of the live painting by J. Coleman. It was so loud you could feel the floor vibrate. Amazing.

People really gravitated to Whirlwind on the left. I think it was the stickers!!

Peter from sbtpllc.com brought a strong number of people to the show. I hope they had a nice time. It was great meeting them.

Nike ID PaperMonster Dunks High and PaperMonster Stickers!!??? Thats how we ride.

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  1. great article, i was sorry to miss the show. send us your contact info and we’ll add you to our resources list.

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