August 14, 2007

PaperMonster has just been featured in two pages of RokonMagazine. You can find the print version if you are in Korea or you can download the pdf version by following the link:
PaperMonster is on pages 34-35. This magazine is amazing. It has a huge variety of articles and the layout is fantastic. Be sure to check out more at: rokonmagazine.com

ROKON Indie Source Magazine Inc. is an independent think-tank collective inspired by the artistic, spiritual, and cultural exploration of Korea by the English speaking community. We inform and entertain, while providing a forum for creative expression. Our monthly publication has represented the voices of the semi-permanent Expats living in Korea for the past year. Catering to open-minded English speaking professionals, we were born as a volunteer zine. Due to popular demand, ROKON has grown exponentially and is now available in Incheon, Busan, and Gwangju.

Thank You Rokon!!

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