New Mural!!! Div # 2 Back

October 11, 2006

WoOW. This is one of the final mural designs for the Commons. There are outlines that you can see on the right hand side which show some of the final touches to the mural. Hopefully I can meet the deadline of next Wednesday and have an unveiling. I have proposed the event for that date and if things go well it should be a great time. As I finish each wall entirely, I will be coverign them up with paper until all four are done. Click on the image to see it larger. Enjoy

***Explanation on the Walls: All four murals are inspired by a wide variety of things. It came up in conversation with a professor that I had inadvertently chosen images from trips and experiences in my life. This was extremely true since I had placed images from my trips to London, China, and Paris. All four walls are a self expression of my voyages and what I have taken away from them. I am truly lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel and it is something I could never repay. Thank You.

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