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The Juxtapoz Magazine Stencil Issue Initiative Continues

July 14, 2010
There has been a huge amount of support for the Juxtapoz Magazine Stencil Issue Initiative which you can read more about here:
The entire goal is to produce an issue focusing on stencils as tools for art whether it be used by urban artists or fine artists to demonstrate the power of stencil art. Art Nouveau has a wonderful post on their site covering the story and how you can help support the project. Check it out here:
Check out some great examples of stencil art and artists incorporating stencils as a tool into their artwork below.
Click on image to visit site.
Os Gemeos
Yoskay Yamamoto
It is interesting to see that some of the most successful and inspiration artists today incorporate a stenciling technique in their work.

New Banksy Art Inspired by LECKOmio??

September 21, 2009
This morning I stumbled on news of a new Banksy stencil on the streets in Europe and it immediately took me back to pieces that LECKOmio (HERE) had created several months ago. It may or may not be true but I feel that Banksy’s newest creation may be a critique on LECKOmio’s pieces and use of “graffiti slogans.” You be the judge.
Catch Stefan Winterle’s Piece Below as well as Banksy street piece below.
Image Via
Image via:

“I Am 8-Bit Show” Aug14th feat PaperMonster (Hollywood, Cali)

July 21, 2008
PaperMonster will be showing two new original works for the I Am 8-Show in Hollywood, California. The show will open on August 14th from 8pm-Midnight and it will host works from hundreds of artist celebrating videogame culture. It is a gigantic showcase of videogame inspired art that will truly bring on nostalgia from you childhood years!! You can check out the two pieces from PaperMonster in the show. The first piece is inspired by Mario Paint and the second is inspired by the Metroid game series. I love both pieces and the look incredible in real life. Make sure to head on down to the show to check them out. Pics Below:::
i am 8-bit
Opening Night Extravaganza
August 14, 2008
8 p.m. to Midnight

World of Wonder Storefront Gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Cali.

Mario- The Original Banksy
Dimensions: 20″ x 24″
Medium: Stencil Collage on Canvas
Game: Mario Paint (SNES)
Pricing: $600
For purchase info contact:

Title: The Return of Samus
Dimensions: 20″ x 24″
Medium: Stencil Collage on Canvas
Game: Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy)
Pricing: $600
For purchase info contact:


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